Nanomaterials and Synthesis

Nanomaterials process development, process upscaling and structure-property evaluation


CVD process development for the growth of few layer graphene and graphene based hybrids (patented)

CVD process development fot the growth of multiwall carbon nanotubes (diameter a few nm, length: >10 micrometers)

Homogeneous CVD process development for the growth of ZnO nanorods and spheres by with high catalytic activity

CVD process develoment for the growth of double walled carbon nanotubes and evaluation for hydrogen storage

Titania based and photocatalytic materials

Stabilisation of the rutile phase in hydrothermally formed titania for dye sensitized solar cells (Graetzel Cell)

Dielectric thin films on metal, silicon and polymer substrates.

Blue emitting electroluminescent materials